2012 ~ Fun at the Fair

    Saturday, August 10th we treated the Willis family to an outing at the Iowa State Fair.  Started the fair at 8:30 a.m. and maxed out at 2:30 p.m.  Some of the highlights:  
  • John Deere tractors
  • Little Hands on the Farm
  • Animal Learning Center
  • Lunch at the Pork tent
  • Big Yellow Slide
  • Fun Forest
  • Stopping by to see Sally and Rosemary
  • Ice Cream treats
  • Animal Barns
  • Legos in the 4-H building


Father's Day - June 17, 2012

Allison suggested we go to the Ledges with her family and have a picnic for Father's day.  After roasting hot dogs, we went wading in the creek.  It was a gorgeous day and everyone enjoyed being at the park.


33 years - June 16, 2012

We spent our anniversary babysitting in Ames.  Allison went on a quick trip to Chicago and Jared needed to finish up some work on the bathroom.  Couldn't have celebrated it any better - well, maybe, having the Ferrera's here and going to Chicago Speakeasy with both daughters' families would have been nice.  
We enjoyed every minute entertaining our 3 grand kids...  Dave pretended princesses with Makenna and played some t-ball with Colin.  We all went to the park, did some walking in the rain, and splashing in puddles.  Of course, we treated them to supper at Miss M's favorite eating establishment (Pizza Ranch).  What a hardship for me (not) -spending time feeding and snuggling with my Kyla...


Visit from the Ferrera's

We were blessed to have Erin and her family here for a week at the end of May.  They flew in and out of  KC.  The boys handled the 3 hr. drive each way like troopers. 

 Highlights of the week:  
  • Visit from the Willis family with chef salads from the garden for supper
  • Sprinkler fun
  • Visiting Grammy at Connie's
  • Ames trip - Jason/Dave helping at the projects - cousins splashing in a plastic pool
  • Erin's hair highlighted and trimmed while visiting with cousin Megan
  • Treating Jason to Jethro's - what a sandwich he wrapped his mouth around
  • Trip to Jordan Creek Mall/shopping at Victoria's Secret
  • Ice cream from the Good Humor truck
  • Fizz picnic at Gray's Lake with Jess and Gabe for the Ferrera's
  • Tasty Taco lunch
  • Two nights at Foxtail Cabins:  waterpark at Honey Creek, roasting brats, fish hatchery, ladder golf, sandcastles at a beach on Lake Rathbun, hobo dinners, smores, gin rummy
  • Erin alone time with Grammy 
  • Michael chumming up to Nana

As always, their stay didn't seem long enough. 
Thanks for coming to Iowa and sharing your boys with us.  Oh, the fun we all had while you were here!!!  
Get ready to party this October when we travel to Texas. 


May Birthdays

Jacob turned 3 on May 2nd - He had his "Airplane" party at a splash pad.

Colin turned 2 on May 12th - He had a "Pooh" party.

Easter - April 2012

Dave and I went up to Ames on Saturday, April 7th to celebrate Easter with the Willis family.  I made up two spring baskets containing kites, rain gear, books, and pj's.  Dave also hid plastic eggs filled with candy and coins.  The day started out cloudy and misty - perfect to try out their rain gear.  After naps the sun came out warming up the day to hunt eggs and fly kites.  A fun day was had by all!


Helping Out

When Allison and Jared brought Kyla home from the hospital, I went up to help out for the next 2 and half weeks.  What a fun time I had!!!!  Loved all the cuddle time with Kyla and lots of fun times with Makenna and Colin.  I took Miss M and Sir to the small park for a picnic, we went to story time at the library, made grass jar people, and dyed eggs.  Of course Makenna pretended to be Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty, we read books, put beads together, and rode bikes every day.  Dave came a couple of times, which let me do some errands for Allison and Makenna and Colin got Papa to themselves.  Hated to see my time helping come to an end, but know I can go visit most any time I want.